Honey & Stevia Blend

50% Fewer Calories

Add a little goodness with every drop of our Honey and Stevia blend. With 50% fewer calories per serving than traditional honey, you can use it in tea, on yogurt, fruit – anywhere you need a little extra squeeze of sweetness.


½ tablespoon (24 calories) sweetens like 1 tablespoon of traditional honey (49 calories).

Honey, water, sweetener: steviol glycosides.

• Gluten Free
• No Preservatives

Our Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Honey & Stevia Blend is made using natural honey and Stevia blend. As with all honeys, the natural sugars present may crystallize over time to a small or large degree. Whole Earth Sweetener Co. Honey & Stevia Blend may be returned to its original liquid state by simply placing the bottle into hot water (the amount of time will vary depending upon the degree of crystallization, and the hot water may need to be refreshed to maintain a warm temperature). The product will look and taste as it did before the crystals appeared. Please note: the bottle should never be placed into a microwave oven or into boiling water as the plastic may melt.